December 29, 2011

Favorites of 2011: places on the web

Another tough list to make.
I read A-LOT of blogs.
Kinda an addiction of mine along with TV, so choosing among them is always tough.

Anyways, these are some of the best/the ones I read every day/the ones I miss when I'm away from my computer for days at a time.

1.  A Beautiful Mess For years and years now, it has been one of my favorites.  This year, Elsie had one of her best blog years yet.  

2.  Casey Wiegand  A new one for me.  I enjoy hearing Casey's thoughts on art and God and family.  And the beautiful photos are addicting too.

3.  Rockstar Diaries  Been casually following this one for a while, but it made its way into my reader this year.  Now I'm completely hooked.  Her Fort Bridger posts were my favorite of almost every blog this year.  The photography has been a constant inspiration for me this year. 

4.  Pioneer Woman  Sometimes I'll leave her for a while, but I always get sucked back in.  Those recipes.  Oh, those recipes!  When I need to make something, she is the first person I turn to.

5.  Cakies Too many reasons to list why I love this blog.  Photos, vintage, crafty, Godtalk.  It's one of the best.  

6.  Tara Whitney  One of the first photographers I fell in love with years ago.  Her blog was one of the first that I ever started following.  Her photography style is one that I aspire to.  

7.  A Place Called Simplicity This family's story was totally a God story this year.  I'm constantly encouraged and convicted when I read Linny's words. 

8.  The Image is Found (personal blog too) They are the standard of amazing photographers for me.  The tip-top of the best.  

9.  Kelly McCaleb's blog Totally random and delightful.  I love how open and honest she is.  

10.  Ali Edwards Yes, it maybe a scrapbooking blog, but I just love the way Ali tells stories.  She is inspiring in so many more ways than just paper and photos.  

11.  Ni Hao Y'all  Stefanie's family's journey to Poppy this year literally had me in tears several times.  What a beautiful story of God's love for the orphans of the world.  

12.  Twitter I know it's not "technically" a blog, but kinda.  I mean, how else would I have found out that Zachary Levi was at Disneyland the same time I was at Disney World?  Or that Zach Braff made a Christmas video with Donald Faison?  Oh, Twitter, I love you!

So that's the short list.  There are about 200 other blogs I enjoy and read several times a week as well, but these are the cream of the crop for me right now.  Funny to see how most of them have been on the list for years now.  It's fun to watch people grow and change and transform.  

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