December 27, 2011

Favorites of 2011: TV shows

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My favorite time of year.  Lists of favorites from the past year.  Here we go....

First up:  TV shows.
Oh, boy.  
This one is always tough for me.  

I have so many I get hooked on each year, but there are always a few that I just can't wait to see from week to week (or disc to disc).

1.  The Vampire Diaries   Once I started, it became an obsession.  Thank you to everyone who suggested I dive into the world of Mystic Falls. I'm totally hooked.  I started this summer with season one on DVD and have enjoyed every single episode.  It's been one of the most intriguing stories of this season too.  

2.  Friday Night Lights.  It finished just as it began.  Perfectly.  They had one of the most perfect series finales ever, ever, ever.  Those characters are stuck in my brain.  I still re-watch because I miss Dillon Texas.  And when Kyle Chandler won his Emmy....the icing on the cake.  It was one of the best written shows that has ever been on TV.  Right up there with West Wing, although it maintained it's excellence throughout the entire series and WW was pretty lame by the end.  

3.  Grey's Anatomy.  Again, I can't believe this show has wormed its way back onto my DVR after years of being gone.  But last season and this season have been 2 of the best.  I can't even believe that I love Meredith's character, but I do.  Her storyline has been one of my favorites.  

4.  The Amazing Race.  This last season was probably one of my favorites ever.  It was devastating when the snowboarders lost.  But they were such an absolute joy.  Their testimony was so cool to watch.

5.  The Good Wife.  After hearing all the hoopla about this one I had to give it a try.  Wow.  I never thought I could enjoy another law drama.  This one is saved from "new case every episode" boredom because of it's fantastic characters.  Kalinda may be my favorite of the entire year.  Archie Panjabi steals every scene she is in, no matter if she has dialogue or not.  

6.  Parks and Recreation.  It's so rare that comedies make it onto my lists, but this one is just about as adorable as it can be.  It's so funny I find myself re-winding and re-watching parts all the time.  "Treat you'self" to some Parks and Rec, if you never tried it.  It's a gem.  

Honorable Mention:
Smallvillle Had a great last season, but wasn't the amazingness that was season 9.  Not enough Chloe and Oliver..

Modern Family  Still funny, but not as great at the end of last season.  This season has been back on track though.

Revenge  A newbie, so it's hard to know if it will end as great as it began, but as for's on my "must watch immediately" list.

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