December 28, 2011

i miss you PS

I miss my Photoshop and actions something fierce.  

And by that I mean that every time I open a photo I know exactly how I want to edit it/how I want it to look. Then I realize that my computer is dead, and I'm not home.  That means that I have to edit everything in Picnik which is fine and dandy, but not Photoshop in the most elementary of senses.  

I know.  I know.  One shouldn't depend on Photoshop to make their photos perfect.  One should be able to make their photos perfect with the click of the shutter.  

Well, I'm getting there.  I'm further along than I used to be.  But I used my tiny point and shoot for most of the photos I took while on vacation.  That means they pretty much never look the way I want them too.  The value of a pocket sized camera that can be slipped in and out of my back pocket won out this trip.  So, came back home to find a bunch of ok photos.  They just screamed to be edited.  

Aside from all that, here are a few that caught my eye at first.  They are without people/munchkins/family/glee-filled smiles, but be assured each of these were present.  And there will be many photos with those subjects to come.  

Until then....

Oh, and this one that has had me staring at it dreamily for a while now.  
I decided to lug around my SLR this day.  
This photo made it worth it...

*all photos edited in Picnik on my parents computer while listening to Bon Iver

ps...please note the beautiful clear sky in each and every photo.  We had not one drop of rain and 80 degree days.  It was heavenly.  

pss...I didn't buy one single souvenir.  Not one. Because these are my souvenirs, and they are much more valuable to me 20 years down the road.  

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