December 08, 2011

two kids

Tonight, on my treasure hunt through my family's past, I found a box of negatives that my grandfather took, mostly in the 1940's. There were even a few glass negatives of my grandparents' wedding photos. Ah-mazing.

My grandma was a war bride. They met in England and he brought her back after their first child was a few months old. Because my grandfather was a photographer, he has tons of photos from back then. I even found a few color negatives with her grandmother in an amazing blue 40's dress, pin curls and rose red lipstick.

So, as I was looking at those negatives tonight, I was thinking about this photo that I wanted to post yesterday, but ran out of time. Two little kids (not really, but it feels like that when we're together) with cameras plastered in front of their face. Two kids that no matter what new place they go, those little black boxes are positioned right at eye level with the shutter clicking away. Making time standstill for a frame or two. Trying to capture the light and scenery as exactly as it appears.

I was also reminded that I need to print out some of the 30,587 photos that I have locked away on hard drives. Then maybe one day, our grand kids (more like neices and nephew) can look back through our photos and follow along on our adventures. They can laugh at the clothes we wore. They can see the old cars and ancient cameras and cellphones we used. Our past will be a bit more alive to them.

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