March 27, 2012

day of reckoning.

Today was the long awaited day.  
I would be completely lying if I said I had been patient.  
I was not.  
I've been dying to see it since the moment I heard the movie rights were sold years ago.  
(I read the book back in 2008)
And then even more when I heard that she was going to be Katniss.  

I've been equally anticipating and dreading this day.  Anticipating that the story would be honored and the filmmakers would treat it with respect.  Dreading that it would be turned into some cheap Hollywood big budget nightmare.  

So...the verdict...

Loved it:  Stanley Tucci was perfection as always.  He's one of my top faves and didn't disappoint one bit.

Loved it:  Gale.  I was always rooting for Peeta, but they played Gale perfectly in this one.  Exactly how I remembered his character in the book (although he looked more like the Peeta than I had imagined than Gale.)

Loved it:  Elizabeth Banks nailed it.  As did her costume department.  

Loved it:  the district was pretty close to exactly how I imagined it.  

Loved it:  Woody as Haymitch?  Oh, yes. 

Loved it:  Dear Peeta.  While the actor wasn't my favorite, he did a fine job with the character.  Those scenes in the cave by the river were pretty much exactly as I pictured them.  

Loved it:  Sweet Prim.  You had to really understand Katniss' love for Prim to believe why she did what she did.  And, by golly, that little girl did it with such limited screen time.  She made you really feel her fear of the Reaping and Katniss' love for her too.

Loved it:  And then there was Rue.  She was absolutely, positively adorable.  So perfect.  So perfectly Rue perfect.  

Loved it:  Jennifer Lawrence was exactly as amazing as I thought she would be.  This scene with Cinna was it for me.  Her terror.  Her hands shaking.  Her eyes.  Oh, my.  I was mesmerized (and let's not count out Lenny, who completely surprised me in his fantastic-ness.)

I want to see it again tomorrow. It's almost harder knowing what's ahead now.  I know the next two won't be as good because the books themselves weren't as good.  But you better believe I'll plunk down $10.50 to go see them.  Wow.  

Well done, Lionsgate.  Well done.  

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