March 01, 2012

sea of humanity

We had just walked into the Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon after spending the morning at Animal Kingdom.  The moment we walked through the ticket booth and under that train station, the parade over took us.  It was jam-packed, as it always is on Main Street during the parades.

Knowing that we were going to see the night time parade, we tried to fight the crowd and head in.  But for just a minute, we had to stop.  And I snapped these photos of the munchkins.
Their little faces.  Being on Pop-Pop and Daddy's shoulders to see over the sea of humanity.  Their dazed and "it's nap time, but I'm not taking a nap today" face.
It's like a kid-right-of-passage to view things from a loved ones's shoulders.  And there is something so sweet and innocent about these photos.  They kill me.

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Anonymous said...

nice pics =) I wish I could see the parede!!