March 25, 2012

so lazy

A photo from a few days ago.  The fog that has enveloped us for the last week.  No joke.  It has been foggy like this every day until about 2pm when the sun is finally able to peak out.  Such a strange thing.  It's like we really do live in Brigadoon or the Forbidden Forest.

The photo is from a few days ago because I have done absolutely nothing today.  Nothing but watch old episodes of  The West Wing (season 1), lay around and watch videos on youtube.  A real productive day.  Me = lazy.

Signing off to accomplish something productive, and then head to church.  My church just added a 5:30pm service.  Strange to not head to church first thing on Sunday morning.  As we can all see, I don't do well without structure.  I tend to waste way too much time.

side note:  The West Wing.  I really think the first 3 seasons are some of the best TV ever produced.  The writing and cast are almost too good to be true.   I get obsessed with it every so often.  If you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and get to know Sam, Josh, Donna, CJ, Toby, Leo, Charlie and Mr. President.  

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