March 14, 2012

gardening my brains out

So we have been having the most perfect spring weather here.  And perfect spring weather just makes a person feel alive, or at least it does to me.  Kinda like I'm stretching and looking around at the world around me like it's brand new all over again.  I can't get outside enough.  I can't stare at all the green things enough.  I can't soak up the sun enough.  

Happy sigh....

We had a very mild winter 'round these parts which means that most of the ground didn't freeze.  Which also means that the weeds have over taken ever surface imaginable in my flower bed.  It's been a daunting task to get it back to a flower bed that actually looks like a flower bed, not a weed-fest separated by a few oyster shells.  Thankfully, I love weeding, so it's been quite enjoyable now that the weather is warm and delightful and it's light outside until 7pm.  (glory, hallelujah for the time change!)

I've been spending the evenings after work, for at least an hour, weeding away and listening to this.  I'm at the really good part at the end.  The part where Harry learns Snape's story from his own memories in the pensieve (one of my very favorite parts of the entire series).   The part where he uses the resurrection stone and sees his dearly departed.  The part where Mrs. Weasly takes care of business when it comes to Bellatrix Lestrange.

It was at such a good part tonight that I couldn't stop.  I just kept weeding my brains out listening like I hadn't read this story 15ish previous times.  Cheering on my favorite moments (out loud).  Moaning over the sad moments (out loud).

I thank you, HP, for making my gardening even more enjoyable.
I promise this won't be the last time we spend together in book #7.

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