March 24, 2012

It's about time

Can't wait to stare at those clothes.  

That decor and furniture.

Those hair styles and accessories.

And watch Betty go all crazy like she always does.

It's back!


leslie.kidd said...

What show is this?

cottage girl said...

Mad Men. It's definitely not for everyone. Very slow moving. Like an indie film. But the sets and clothes are amazing.

Rebecca said...

I haven't watched the season premiere yet so I am now working on being behind by two episodes. I tore through them on Netflix and I can't wait to see what is kicking in season 5. You have a very sweet blog.

cottage girl said...

Thanks so much, Rebecca! I'm smitten with your jewelry. It is simply beautiful.
Oh, and you just catch up. Last night's episode was a GOOD one...