March 04, 2012

for the love of travel

I've been home for a month now.
About 5 weeks.
And after 3 months of traveling and exploring, I am missing it.

I keep looking back at my photos of my adventures.
So many great memories.
So many wonderful moments to treasure.

I blame my parents.
Travel agents.
Lovers of travel.
They are always planning trips.

I don't have any plane tickets waiting to be used or big plans on the horizon. 
But there is always the promise of the next adventure right around the corner.

It would be outstanding if  it included one or more of the following:

a sunset hike to Delicate
Princess Castles
going thrifting with The Bro
laughing hysterically on the Tower of Terror
a burger eaten in the warm sunshine at Red Mill Burgers
watching the stars come out at the Windows
singing along in the boat in Splash Mountain

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