March 02, 2012

this morning

Such a beautiful morning here.  
I took a few photos whilst on my morning walk.  

The trees and sun....they reminds me of The Hunger Games.  Can't you just see Katniss and Peta and Rue running through here being taunted by Mockingjays? Peeta is hiding in that muddy puddle.  Katniss is up in one of those trees.  The parachutes with medicine and food are dropping from the sky.

We are in a bit of a Hunger Games craze here.  It is brought up in some form every day.  We bemoan the fact that we still must wait a few more weeks until the movie comes out.  We're watching trailers and clips in the office, reading articles in magazines and online.  We talk about the books (which we all read a while ago) and discuss which things we can't wait to see on film.
It's ridiculous.
And absolutely fantastic.

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