May 29, 2007

crappy week cont...

For some reason, my last week has decided to come and ruin this week too. I just can't get out of this downtrodden state that I'm in. God and I have been having lots of talks. LOTS. Constantly. Mostly about me just needing Him and Him just saying "I'm here, dummy. Why do you keep asking?" Don't get me wrong. There have been little highlights and good things have happened, but I just can't seem to get out of this terrible mood I'm in right now.
Sorry for the not so fun post, but why lie and pretend that everything is okay when it is not. I know it will get better and great things are just around the corner, but today I'm still feeling very much like the pessimistic self that I am.

Here is a little something that will be happier than my lousy mood. I LOVE his pictures.


stephanie said...

hope tomorrow is all sunshine and rainbows for you! :) ;) and if it's not i hope there is something good to enjoy- a good tv show- a good dessert- anything to enjoy :)

jessica said...

feel better :)