May 16, 2007

Goodbye Stars Hollow

I will admit my sappiness and confess that I cried at the finale. There's no other fictional place that I wished were real as much as this one. When I went to CA last year, we did the Warner Brothers' tour. Much of the tour was spots for the this show. We got to see the town square, Luke's, Loreli's house, the playground, Miss Patty's, as well as walk onto and all around the set of the grandparents' house (goosebumps! I love seeing TV/movie sets in real life.). You can see it here with some fun clips too. We weren't allowed to take any photos on the tour because they were filming the day we were there.
I'll miss you Star's Hollow and the fun people that filled your town!


Katie's Story said...

I'll miss the show too! It's sad that it's over, but I'm so glad that we can buy the seasons on dvd. We'll be able to see loreli and rory forever! I missed a lot of the final show so I'll be waiting for the season 7 dvd to come out! I hope it's soon.

jessica said...

i couldn't agree more. what will Tuesdays be without Rori and Lorelai?

i wonder if they will still show the set during the tour now that the show is over?