May 01, 2007

have luggage..

must travel....I'm dying to hop on a plane and take a trip right now! I know. I know. It's only been a couple months since my last big trip, but I have no plane tickets waiting to be used. No big trips planned. No new places to research, and it's killing me!
I'm wanting the feel of a new place, of exploring and eating in a little no-name cafe. I want to see friendly faces when I step off the airplane and get a big hug from a friend long missed. I want to have my camera ever at my fingertips, waiting for the next amazing sight.
Time to find somewhere new to go. Anyone have any suggestions???

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stephanie said...

come to alaska one last time while you still have a friend here!!!!!!!!!!! i'm serious...even if we sell our house i've already got another place lined up (a friend wants me to housesit for her all summer) so it works out perfectly! we could have SOOO MUCH FUN!! we could go hiking/exploring every evening as soon as matt got home (he'd stay with the kids)at 5- it's light all night long so we'd have lots of time to enjoy the scenery (plus all the stuff we'd do in the daytime with the kiddies :) just a thought- but i'd LOVE to have you!