May 04, 2007

knock, knock

I have said before how much I hate the geese that are forever around here. They are so noisy and obnoxious and make such a mess pooping everywhere. Well, today topped it all.

I went to go into one of our meeting rooms to check it out before a group came to use it for the weekend. It is attached to a sunroom with widows everywhere are nice soft furniture to lounge on. As I was in the meeting room, I heard a strange noise coming from the sunroom. It sounded like an animal moving around. I walked over to investigate, looking first through the door window to see if there actually was an animal in there.

I didn't see anything, but kept hearing the noise so I slowly opened the door in case the creature may be ready to launch at my face. I turned to look at the glass door to the outside guessing that maybe it had blown open. Nope, it was close. I knew it was closed because there standing proud as can be was a huge (these things are about 2-3 feet tall) goose banging on the door with his beak. He was biting at it, mouth open and tongue out. Over and over. Bite, bite, bite. Bang, bang, bang.

I think I yelled, "Are you kidding me," to which he simply stopped and just stared at me and honked a couple times. I flung opened the door and yelled and he finally, along with his partner in crime, ran off.

Seriously! Those stupid geese!

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