May 27, 2007

a good day

I needed one. Big time. This was the perfect place to escape to.

This is my dear, sweet, long time, kindred spirit. We met my first day at Liberty, roomed together all 4 years and have stayed close since then. We both believe that God put us together from the first moment. I LOVE this girl. She means the world to me. She knows all the right questions to ask and knows from the tone of my voice on the phone if something is wrong. She amazes me with how she loves God and strives to know him better. She has become an incredible wife and mother and is still the same crazy girl I knew way back when. 12 years!

I went to her baby shower for her 2nd little one due in just few weeks. After the shower, she and her hubby and cutie little daughter took me out to dinner. Her daughter is so, so cute. She reminds me so much of her.

I pulled out my camera after we finished eating and she instantly began posing. Then she decided she wanted to take pictures of mommy and daddy. Not too bad for a two year old!
Thanks, P's for a super day. You are all so special. I love you guys!

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stephanie said...

CUTE!!!!! i'm glad you had a good day and wow does J's daughter look just like her! :) that must have been so much fun!