May 14, 2007

Treasure hunting

Saturday morning, I hit the oh, so many yard sales in our area. This was the perfect weekend not to be working and to be searching through piles of other people's "junk." I got a HUGE pile of felt for future crafts. And a Polaroid camera! I've never had one before and I heard that you can still buy the film, so I couldn't resist. It was in perfect condition, not even covered in dust. I think this model is from the late 80's. No flash and NOTHING fancy about it. The camera was $3. The film was $25 dollars for 20 exposures. Will definitely be careful with those shots! This is the first shot I took, this morning, just to make sure it still worked. I love the vintagey feel that Polaroids have. And the fact that you can watch the pictures appear before your eyes!! While I love digital, there is nothing like seeing your images appear for the first time. That was my favorite part of my photography class in college. Hours of work for the 10 second reveal. Magic!

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stephanie said...

i was QUITE shocked by the price of poloroid film too!!!!!!! jack would love to take pictures all the time with his, but only on special occassions- like birthday or Christmas due to the cost! he loves his too! :)