May 20, 2007

what a week

Lately, I have been loving the Beach Boys especially my 2 favorite songs "Don't worry, baby" and "God only knows." I think it's cause I'm missing California. I really, really loved it there. Love it, like....I need to go back ASAP and stay for a week or two. I love the ocean and the weather and the palm trees and how life seems much more laid back than the east coast. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the east coast. It's in my blood. I feel quite at home as I see the Bay when I fly home. But it's nice to dream about other places too.

Ever had one of those weeks that was just tough? Like you are just drained and need a reason to laugh and play again? That was last week for me. These are the words that have been my comfort...

"May He grant you according to your heart's desire,
And fulfill all your purpose."
Ps. 20:4

I have been repeating that last part over and over to myself. Fulfill all my purpose. The one He has for me. That meant a lot after I heard about Jerry's death.

A couple things I AM excited about...
  • my brother returns after being gone for over a week. I didn't think I would miss him so much. I really don't ever want him to move away. I'm ecstatic that he will be with me all summer.
  • my sister, her hubby and my little nephew are going to be here for the summer. They arrive this week!! I can't wait to have them next to me all summer.
  • The weather is amazing right now.
  • God and I have been having some great talks lately. TOUGH, but good. I'm learning alot.
What about you? Is life tough, good, crazy, amazing overwhelming for you lately?


stephanie said...

tough and good. i hate to say tough- cause i've had it much tougher- my emotions are haywire this week though so that's making it tough- otherwise everything is great :) the weather is gorgeous- the kids are fun and healthy and i don't have to be a single parent this is grand! :)

stephanie said...

oh yeah- and i wanted to say that life IS so much more laid back in CA....that is one thing i'm NOT looking forward to moving back "east" soon....i haven't lived over there in 9 yrs! alaska is even more laid back than CA...and i've grown to love it! of course my other favorite place is also famously laid back- hawaii! even a different feel than the laid back dept i'd say 1. hawaii 2. alaska 3. CA (for me anyway) and now where am i headed- OHIO....hmmm....well, i'll just have to figure out what makes ohio "cool" so i can enjoy that :)

Katie's Story said...

Stephanie, I didn't know you were moving to Ohio. I live in Michigan so maybe we can see each other. It's definately a different world up here. The people are nice, but think we're "Southern". Crazy!!

April, Sorry you had a tough week. This week has been all about packing and getting the house ready for us to leave. I hate packing and cleaning, so it's a downer week for me. Can't wait to see you though. Luke and I are counting the days!