May 30, 2009

3 things (or maybe 5)

1. I rescued my friend TP's husband from the deep end twice today. He was our drowning victim in lifeguarding class. I feel quite accomplished as Ben is about twice my size. Thankfully, I didn't drown in these rescues.

2. I got a lovely sunburn today. Yes, I put on sunscreen. Twice.

3. Got to hang out with my lovely friend AB, who was here dropping off her sister for the summer. She's amazing, that AB girl. I miss her....

4. Goosebumps the entire day because of the COLD pool water.

And you have to see the video too.


Nick and Kaley said...

Ha ha! I have the mental image of you rescuing Ben and I am VERY impressed that you did!!

Anonymous said...

i think you are amazing april:) so good to see you. hope you have the best summer, you lifeguard you!