May 21, 2009

because it's been a while since I posted photos

(I need to take new photos.)

And because Brooke Fraser's Albertine has turned into one of my very favorite albums of all time....

So much depth in its beauty.


jessica said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL! (Where were they taken?)
I'm in love with Albertine as well. For some reason I like to listen to it while I run. Strange.

cottage girl said...

The photos were in Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival a few years ago.
Kuddos to you for running. I HATE it. I would much rather swim.
ps...Did you start blogging again?!!

jessica said...

Hey! Yes, I'm back... i think ;) It's so strange making the switch back, but I'm enjoying it.

I have always wanted to make it to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival! Lucky!!!