May 24, 2009

Things I did not take pictures of this weekend...

  1. Rescuing a 10lb brick from the deep end of the pool and not drowning.
  2. Buying hair dye in fun colors.
  3. All the "characters" at the farmers market. It is such a fun place to people watch as well as buy some yummy local produce.
  4. Our new (moved to new location) grocery store, which is like Disney World for food.
  5. My porch full of flowers waiting to be planted.
  6. The flowers now planted in their new summer homes. I love planting day!
  7. Seeing one of the "kids," who was a 10 yr old camper my first summer, come running up the beach to say hi. He's now a college kid and counselor here during the summer. His mom is helping a bunch of new kids love camp like her son does.
  8. Tim Riggins...aka Friday Night Lights is pretty much the "must watch" at the cottage at the moment. My roommate is addicted. Yesssss.......
  9. Taking the boat to dinner. There's nothing quite like pulling up to an empty dock, hopping out, eating at a fun restaurant and the hopping back in the boat to go back home across the river.
  10. All my camp friends participating in number 9 with me.
  11. A photo shoot at a local park.
  12. Oh, wait, I DO have pictures of that. LOTS.
  13. Me working on photo shoot pictures while watching Veronica Mars.

It reminds me of the feeling of driving a boat with the wind whipping through your hair and the waves crashing around you. The music, not the words to the song.

Such a great summer driving album!


RaCeQu said...

I remember getting the brick off of the bottom and thinking that it was so hard.

Well, that was until I had to do the same with NL and MS... then the 10 lb brick was a piece of cake.

Diana said...

what's the new grocery store? just curious...

cottage girl said...

Whole Foods moved from the Harbor Center to the new Parole shopping center. It's SO much bigger now!