May 01, 2009

Friday Finds

Been a while, huh? Not that I haven't found some fun things lately. I just haven't had time to post.

Here's few for this week.

This post from PW
had me missing my cocker spaniel I had growing up. I used to smother her in kisses and squish her face just like that.

I want this Camper Kit from Elsie so badly. I LOVE old campers like that. And I can't imagine how cute those embroidery patterns included in the set must be. Love these camera stickers too.

Well spoken, Gwen
. God has been saying this to my heart lately, too. So many things I think I deserve. My selfishness is so poisonous.

Kelly's Tumblr. It could be on this list every day, every week. So beautifully inspiring. She has such an eye for the beautifulness in the world.

Loved this post from Ali this week. SO many great ideas. Number 2 led me to this wonderful link of make-your-own bags. New project!

I think I added about 20 new faves in Flickr this week. This one may be one of my faves of all time.

Again, I could say this every week, but Tara again. No words, just love these.

And I leave you with this bit of hilariousness from Saturday Night Live.

Alrighty-roo. Off to sit down after standing for over 8 hours of a crazy, insane work day. And watch some Prison Break and Dollhouse.

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