May 15, 2009

wishing I could draw once again

As I was doing errands on my day off, I ran into The Black Hole for a quick visit. I was looking through the magazines. I do this often because I'm too cheap to actually purchase these magazines. I just read them cover to cover and then return them to their shelves. Yes, it's true.

Anyways...I was glancing through the magazine racks and Buffy #25 was on the shelves. A small gasp escaped my lips. Go ahead, mock me. Yes, a comic. I admit it. I never read comics until Joss decided to write this one.

ps...on a totally other topic in Joss world. Dollhouse. Good gracious. I'm totally hooked and totally upset the Fox is saying they will probably cancel it. Arrrrggg...

Back to the story....
My dear, sweet fellow Joss lovin' friend Kimmy was faithfully sending me them. I have a lovely stack in my room. She had finished with her deal and wasn't able to send them any more. I was in a quandry. Do I go to a comic shop to find it? Comic shop. Never been in one. I only knew we had one cause there were street signs on the road.
So, yes I was excited that this little paper back was on the magazine shelf. Yes, I was. Then I opened it cause of course I was going to read it IN the store. It's only like 20 pages.

But this particular one was so amazingly drawn/colored/written. Just look at some of these...

Love the white space all around their colorful outfits.

And the creepy doll faces. The colors in this one were so beautiful. Loved the mix of blues and greens and purples.

The detail is unbelievable. Can I please draw like this? Please?!

And can I color things like this, please...

pretty and creepy at the same time, no?!

This bottom one made me stop flipping and stare for a while. I love drawings/photos with the bottom of legs and shoes. LOVE that little green spark.

And just a little evidence of how great Joss (and his team of writers) are. He loves the same TV shows I do like Veronica Mars and Battlestar. They like to throw in random references like this just for fun.

Alright, you can finish laughing at my comic post. Hope you can at least appreciate the talent that goes into making them. You can find inspiration anywhere if you are willing to try something different.

the end...

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tp said...

Fox is the cancel-er of all great shows!