May 20, 2009

Confession #182

I used to edit dance videos.


Not a lie.

For 8 hours a day
I would stare at a screen
filled with some of the worst
and (every 157th routine) best
dances a person could ever see.

The good ones looked like this.

The bad ones....
I don't want to go there.

My life revolved around
fake hair
jazz shoes
tap shoes
ballerina buns
crazy, age-inappropriate outfits
and the same 10 songs 5 million times.

These memories were brought on last night while watching Glee (loved, loved, loved it. you have to see the last 3 minutes. i've already watched it about 5 times this morning.).

I realized, as I was reliving all those memories, that I've never told any stories about those days here on Cottage Girl. And there are some good ones. Oh, my there are. Must rectify that....

If you watched Glee, you know why:

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