May 13, 2009

never say die

Maybe cause I was 8 years old when I first saw it.
Maybe cause it has always been one of my favorites.
Maybe cause watching it makes me FEEL like I'm 8 again in my parents' basement on my parents old black pleather couch, curled up in a granny squared afghan.

For whatever reason, this little video made my day. (found here by the wonderful Whitney)

There is just something about that movie that is pure kid magic. Pirate ships, treasure, inventions that save lives, ice cream, hidden tunnels, water slides. What more could you want from a movie, I ask?!

Plus it was filmed in such beautiful places, which I fell in love with in an instant.

Data was always my favorite. His accent. His inventions (that was The Bro when he was little). His Wings of Flight entrance. Oh, yeah...

Who was your fave?


Val Nebbia said...

Chunk...come on. The "truffle shuffle". "This one time..." "Bullet holes the size of matzo balls!"

Allison Drew said...

The Goonies caused me to have a life long crush on Sean Astin.

cottage girl said...

Val, that quote made me laugh out loud. I love that part! It's IMPOSSIBLE not to love Chunk.

Diana said...

definitely chunk, but Data is a close second. All time favorite quote from the move..."Hey Meekey, he Mikey, come over here and make me feel like a woman. Give me a nice wet lickery kiss." At least that's how I remember the quote.

I've told you we showed that to the campers way back when before you came. Yea, not a good one to show. I forgot how many sexual innuendos.

Diana said...

so april, i realized my quote is waaaay inappropriate if you've never seen the movie....ooops. :o)

cottage girl said...

Di, I love that quote too!

I remember that my mom was horrified when we watched it for the first time. I wasn't allowed to see it again until it was on the Disney channel and they edited it. I remember you guys telling me about showing it at camp. Ooops!