May 06, 2009

So long, farewell...(beware: more TV gushing ahead)

Yet another of my very favorite TV shows is saying goodbye. Why, why do all the good ones have to leave, whilst we are stuck with American Idol, 15 versions of Law and Order and Two and a Half Men? Why!?? (ok, there IS a wonderful rumor that it may be back next season. Fingers crossed!)

Tonight is goodbye to Scrubs. The silly, sweet, lovely Scrubs.

The JD and Elliot Scrubs. (I always wanted them together)

When JD turns 30 and decides oh a whim to do a triathlon Scrubs.

The cast mates who seem to really like each other Scrubs.

The JD and Turk Scrubs. (Every time I see this photo I laugh out loud.)

The amazing/hilarious Dr. Cox and JD Scrubs.

The funniest lawyer ever,TED, Scrubs (my favorite secondary character)

And my most favorite of favorite....Zach Braff of Scrubs.

Oh, my gosh he makes me laugh...
....and swoon.

I'll miss how Scrubs could make me laugh hysterically one minute and cry the next (like Brendan Fraser's episodes). Can't think of hardly any other shows that could perform such magic in just 30 minutes.

Sacred Heart, you will be missed!

(I got to see the studio/hospital when I went to LA in 06) I believe the windows in the front are the cafeteria set.)

OK, I'm finished. Except for this clip, which is just too much to try and explain in words. Scrubs at its absolute zany best!

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