May 14, 2009


I like to make headbands out of unusual things. Ribbons from packages. Yarn. Old scarves and bandanas. I do buy them, sometimes, but more often than not, it's just something I found in my room and tied around my head. Like this one....

It's from a pair of pajama pants that I never wear. I decided to cut them up and use the fabric for a scarf (which I still need to make) because I loved the pattern.

While I was ripping out the waistband with my seam ripper (my favorite sewing tool, mostly cause I mess up a lot and have to start all over), I realized the tie for the waist was in perfect condition. Plus, it was the perfect size for a double wrap headband. Done and done.

I've also realized recently that I have a whole other wardrobe in my own closet. I used this little tutorial last night (while watching Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars because they just makes crafting so much better) to finish my first transformed t-shirt. Now, I'll admit that once again, I didn't leave enough seam allowance so it's a little tighter than I was hoping, however, I was so excited with the results.

I cut the entire thing apart and then stitched it back together with measurements meant for me. All those boxy Men's t-shirts that I own can actually be wearable! I LOVE thrift store t-shirt shopping (perfect camp clothes), but was always sad that the extra cool ones were usually passed on to The Bro cause they were men's size L or M or even XL. Now...oh, the wonder and possibilities that await me. T-shirts galore!

If only I could find shorts that weren't so VERY short to go with them. Buying long shorts and jeans (any kind) for short people (me) is impossible. It's like they don't exist on planet earth. Grrr....

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