May 16, 2009

Hi, I'm Cottage Girl


like to save emails from my friends for a while before I delete them. An instant delete after reading just seems so harsh. I save special ones for years.

am trained in things that have no value outside of the camp environment. For example: belaying on a climbing wall (not exactly essential on Wall Street or at Target), using a power boat to pull 8 kids on a giant inflated banana boat (don't think they need this in a hospital), leading team building on a low elements course (cooks don't really need these skills).

am currently working on a plan to dye my hair. Blue and purple.

have a car that doesn't require a key. On the other hand, I carry a key chain with 16 keys on it to work every day.

had a dream the other night that I married one of my favorite TV actors. At my parent's house. I didn't want to wake up.

finally got my roommate addicted to Friday Night Lights. She now understand the significance of these two words: Tim Riggins.

miss my brother and my sister.

believe the pool is my Kyrptonite. ps...did anyone else watch the Smallville season finale? It was quite good and cheesy. The perfect Smallville cocktail.

have been doing crafts like crazy because once camp starts...I will only have time to sleep and work.

want to see Star Trek again.

am currently reading David Sedaris and Francis Chan. Total opposites. And I just started The Various because the cover looked so pretty on the library shelf.

desperately need an external hard drive.

am still furious (yelling at the TV furious) over the series finale of Prison Break last night. You just don't do that, writers.

sometimes remember a story about a girl who goes on vacation to Hawaii, but then I can never remember the ending. Then it hits me....I wrote this story and never finished it.

still dream about being an author.

am off to see the parentals for day.

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Katie's Story said...

I desperately miss you too! Come on June!