May 07, 2009

tired and soaked

I'm so tired I can barely lift my fingers to type. We had a SUPER DUPER busy day here with two more equally busy ones on the way. I'm just praying for that extra strength that isn't humanly possible, that only God can send. And praying that it will please, oh please stop raining! We couldn't even use our low elements course in the woods today because it was about 6 inches under water. It's now been 9 straight days of rain with MORE still coming!

Sorry for the lousy posts lately, friends. My life has gone into crazy, busy mode and it really won't end until August. Know that I DO want to write fun posts and tell fun stories, but my creativity runs dry when I'm so tired and over worked. I promise to do my best cause I really do want to remember what life is like during my crazy times.


Cottage Girl

ps...Scrubs last was pretty as close to perfect for a season finale. The last 5 minutes....oh the last 5 minutes (start at 4:40). I can't stop watching it and crying over how perfectly perfect it is. Don't you ever just play what you want the future to look like in your head? Imagine what you wish it could be? I LOVE how they did it. I LOVE the video showing on his face. Good stuff. A beautiful goodbye as only Scrubs can do it.

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