January 06, 2010

home sweet home

It's drafty.
The walls have no insulation.
The floor squeaks.
Sometimes racoons live under our shower.
There are no closets (except in the bedrooms)

But it's often filled with friends.
It (until 2009) hosted the sweetest costume party of the summer.
The living room and kitchen are big.
Happy memories fill the cracks in the cinder block walls.
The view, oh, the river view is the best.

This little cottage is home sweet home.

1 comment:

tp said...

regarding these last few posts:
i love that cottage.
i love the girls that live there, and have lived there.
i love that song you posted.
i loved the challenges you present to blog readers.
i love your heart.
i loved the BSC, even the cheesy movie they released.
i love your photography.
there, i think i've caught up.