January 08, 2010

newest facination

(found on Flickr)
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The last few weeks, I've become addicted to terrariums. Moss, stones, a little earth inside a glass jar. It's like a little container of magic on a shelf. I made one when I was little. Time to do it again. The big, beautiful one I saw a few weeks ago at the the Botanic gardens (#12) sealed the deal.

I'm already looking at all my jars with new terrarium crazed eyes. The options are endless. Plus all the fun things you can put inside! I love these found on Etsy (but the shop is closed at the moment. boo-hoo.)

I also found 2 great tutorials to get started. If only the ground would un-freeze so I could dig up some moss. Darn these bitter cold temps!

And...ps...apparently terrariums are the "in" thing again. Who knew?! They are everywhere online right now.


Gina said...

Love those little houses. Maybe JD can make some for you.

bedbyday said...

I've done it before April. You'll love it. ANYTHING will grow in a terrarium so just go pick something lovely at the garden store. Just make sure to plant similar flowers with each other. Succulents with succulents and drier plants with drier...you know. Have FUN! OH! And don't forget activated charcole. mmm.

cottage girl said...

Thanks for the info, Val! Charcoal is a must, huh? I can't wait to start!