January 07, 2010


Currently compiling the following lists....

  • Celebrities to spot/photograph/have coffee with.
  • Reasons why I'm not skiing (other than "I hate it", and "it's cold")
  • Clothing to wear in the sub-zero temps. (why don't I own cute boots?!)
  • Things to do while in a coffee shop while trying not to look like I'm looking out the window for famous people. (read book, knit, daydream, journal, stare into space, talk to my roommate)
  • Create a rating system for the movies that I'll see (stars? numbers?)
  • What to say if I actually do come face to face with an actor I adore. (More than "um...yeah...I like you...your movies are cool." This could be bad. I don't handle things like this well.)
  • Ways to get my brother to skip work and come hang out with me and my roommate. (besides going to the movies with us)

I'm starting to completely give in to the excitement and overwhelming "freak-outness" that has been building for the last few months! Sundance is exactly 2 weeks away!

ps...did you see Modern Family last night?! It was the funniest one yet! I have seriously laughed OUT LOUD several times today just thinking about "OH, that's cancer!!." Kinda embarrassing actually...


Kaley said...

I saw my favorite musician... and commented about the weather! The weather?! Yeah, it's hard to see famous people!

Gina said...

You don't own cute boots because they cost like $8,000. I know, cause I don't either and have been on the hunt.
Ummmm, one time, when I met Marisa Tomei, at a restaurant in the village where my brother-in-law was working, I begged him to get a picture, even though he wasn't allowed to bother the celebrities that came there. So, he starts to follow her out of the restaurant and reaches INSIDE his jacket for the camera and nearly gets jumped by her bodyguard since it looked like he was reaching for a gun. Fun. Didin't get the shot and I have NO recollection of what went down after that because my LEGS and BRAIN go numb when I meet celebs.
Hope you guys have a blast and know that I am waaaay jealous and be thankful that I am not with you because I would, without a doubt, humiliate us all. :) While you would be attempting to NOT look abvious, I would have me face pressed against the glass - No shame.

Gina said...

I can't believe I almost forgot to comment about Modern Family. That is EXACTLY what I told Mike...."it gets funnier every time" I actually laughed out loud several times. I LOOOOVED the dad's whole illness thing. That is sooo Mike. He doesn't get a cold he gets a chest cold "that something just doesn't feel right."
Oh I just love it. And what can I say about Cam?

Gina said...

"Itll be alright."
"But it might not be. I might die."

Sorry to take over your comments.

cottage girl said...

Kaley - that will be me. No clue what to say.

G - I can't even pick a favorite character on that show. It changes constantly. Happy you love it too!
And I think I need some of your "no shame" attitude. I'm too afraid of looking ridiculous or annoying people.