January 23, 2010

Spotted Day 3

Ok, ready for this? I'll do the ones you may know first...

Ben Affleck (he was being mobbed by people so the Bro ran down the street to figure out who was in the middle of the maddness. He's kinda tall.)

Ian Ziering (sp?) (of 90210 fame. He was just sitting in the artist gallery trying to look aloof. It took me a minute of casual staring to really realize it was him.)

Tony Hale (Buster of Arrested Development fame. He's adorable.)

Alan Tudyk (sp?) (of Firefly and Dodgeball fame. I admit I was totally geeking out over him. LOVE.)

James Franco (did you see him on 30 rock!)

Shooter McGavin (what's his real name? We saw him twice)

Adam ____ (Warren on Buffy) (brushed right by me)

and finally one you probably don't know but I was freaking out over....

Justin Lyons (he is a photographer in the Mammoth Men clan.)

That's it for now. When I get back I'll do a post on Park City itself. I'm in love with this place!


Nick and Kaley said...

You saw James Franco? You're the coolest. Literally.

Diana said...

we saw Ian alot on our honeymoon! We skied together!!!! How fun for you guys!