January 21, 2010

Sundance, Park City, Utah

I'm here!

It's snowing like crazy. The rental car is sitting in it's parking spot, and we (my roomie) and I are taking the FREE public transportation buses all over. Thank goodness cause the car is buried in snow and there still more falling!

It's beautiful here. Cute snowy and small towny. We haven't even really seen the mountains yet beacause it was dark when we landed last night and it's foggy and super snowy today.

But Main Street is charming. We sat a window table a local cafe having breakfast and watching some sort of...something...being set up. Lounge, interview center, photog backdrop. It was big whatever it was.

No celebrities yet, but it's just begun.

Right now we are warming up at the public library using the computers since neither of us own a laptop. It's quiet and lovely.

Tomorrow we start seeing movies and hang out with The Bro. I promise more updates via cell phone if anything exciting happens.


Cottage Girl

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