January 22, 2010

post ahead

Just a few quick things I found lately. Didn't want you to feel too neglected this week whilst I'm cell phone posting...

This beautiful idea found on Etsy (via Design is Mine). I think I would die of happiness with such a lovely gift.

When I get home, I want to check out all the links in this post. Especially that magazine.

Another beautiful wedding blog. If only I had an excuse to use such beautiful ideas!

My roommate and I are setting a date to go see the Tim Burton wonder in March. Can't wait!!!

This fantastic Tumblr full of inspiring images. I've already fave'd so many!

I just got this facial lotion this week and am already in love. Everything I ever get from this shop is exactly what it claims to be. And it always smells divine. All my face soaps come from here. Now my lotion too!

This post made my heart hurt for the little orphans in Haiti. Praying for their safe trip home to their mommies and daddies.

And speaking of orphans coming home, check out this adorable little one that will soon be making that long flight home with her mommy and big brother. Is she not one of the most beautiful little girls you've ever seen!

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