January 25, 2011

The one

I've been waiting for the one. The one that would blow all the others away. The one that would end, and instant, happy applause would brake forth without a second thought. The one that would make me fall in love with movie making again. The one that would be an instant Sundance classic for me.

I found it, today, hidden at the Yarrow. I had just finished watching my first full length doc of this year (it wasn't very good). Outside, the snow was coming down like crazy. The roads and sidewalks were covered.

My phone beeped with a text from The Bro. He had scored two tickets to "Another Earth" playing at The Yarrow at noon. I had just enough time to jump on the bus and ride over there before it started. And just enough time to watch it and then run off to the next movie at 3.

At first, I wanted to say no. I wanted to run back home and grab some lunch before my 3:00 movie. And three movies back-to-back? That was a little excessive. But then, I read the description in the catalog and decided to go for it. It's hard to turn down sci fi.

I got to the theater before he did. I sat around and read a Variety (they are free magazines everywhere to take and read). He ran in the door, and we rushed off to the theater. After we got our seats (way in the back because The Bro had forgotten his ticket and had to run back to his condo, poor kid), I was looking around as I always do, checking for celebrities. I noticed someone I'd seen on TV before. I grabbed The Bro's arm and in a semi-whisper hissed, "who is that guy?!" Before he had answered I blurted out, "Oh! That's Ethan from Lost! He's the main character in this movie." William Mapother is his name.

Then the spotlight came on, on the podium. The director came out and said a few words. He was visibly excited to share his movie. Monday night, the first screening of the movie had gone incredibly well. A standing ovation, in fact, which is very rare here. He encouraged us to just enjoy it and he would be back with question and answer as soon as it was over. He was like a giddy school kid.

He stepped away and the lights dimmed and the movie began. It grabbed me from the first few moments. The story was so creative. The characters were fantastic. And Brit Marling, the female lead...you may not know her name yet, but just you wait. She was absolutely enthralling. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her performance was a beautiful symphony of a character. There is one scene at the end when she is just running her hand along the siding of a house as she walks by. That was my favorite scene of any movie I've seen in years. Perfectly inspiring to me. So much was said in this movie when no dialogue was even being spoken. It was the type of movie that makes you feel special for just being able to experience it.

The credits finally rolled at the end and the applause was great. The Bro and I just looked at each other with "that look." I said, "I loved that" even though he already knew it and I knew he was going to say the same thing. "We HAVE to stay for question and answer," was his reply (which we always do anyway, even if we don't like the movie. The Q&A is part of the magic of Sundance.)

The questions were asked and answered. All kindly regarded by the director and cast. All the kind comments from the audience were received with glee. And I think all of us in the audience were secretly hoping that a studio exec was there to scoop up this movie with a sweet deal.

We left the theater and brushed against the actors and directors as we headed out of the lobby. So cool. I really hope "Another Earth" gets picked up so you can all enjoy it too.

That's my story for today. Now, I'm back at my condo in front of a roaring fire in my fireplace. My mind is wandering back to some of the great shots from that movie. And thinking about how perfectly the story was edited. So peaceful and relaxing.

Only 2 more full days left. Then I'll have to say goodbye to The Bro (gulp) and head back to work and the East Coast. Till then, I'm going to soak in as much as I can.


Cottage Girl

ps: forgive the typos and mis-spellings. I typed the whole thing on my phone. Just had to get this out of my head no matter how long it took.

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