July 01, 2011

gifted with love

New craft.

I've seen felted soap for a long time, and have been wanting to give it a try.

A friend's birthday was a perfect excuse to make one up. I love giving hand made gifts. And thankfully, my friends seem to enjoy receiving them.

This is my friend, J (and her adorable family).

We've known each other since....um....let's see....my first summer here at camp...13 whole years ago. We go way back like spinal cords and car seats. I love her. We've been through some crazy stuff together. Crazy good and crazy bad. Through the midst of it, we've cried, laughed, talked, eaten good food, been wet, sandy, soapy/sandy, face painted, dunked in soda, chased, covered in mashed potatoes, laughed some more and just shared life together.

Today is her birthday. She's in my birthday club, which means we now share the same age.

I love you, J. I hope we share a backyard forever.


Jenny L. said...

1. Ummm....you forgot that we almost quit camp together once.

2. And then you forgot to mention that 11 years later we're both still here.... HEY-OH!!! (said in a dan h. voice)

3. I love you very, very, much and think that for part of your sabbatical we should plan a trip to NYC to see a show.....just sayin'.... it's been a while.

cottage girl said...

Yesssss, please. NYC trip sound perfect.