February 24, 2012

bail out

We had some nutz-o weather today on the river.
The Cottage is hunkered down in a wind storm that's happening outside at this very moment.

And that sailboat in the top right photo?
I noticed right after snapping that photo that it was sitting low
and bobbing up and down way too slowly.
Spent and hour with the guys trying to bail it out and save it from its water grave.
Secretly though, I want it to sink.
Darn thing is more of a pain than a blessing.
We are constantly having problems with it.
I know, I know.
I'm an awful person.
Sailboats are a beautiful thing.
Yes, they are, but not when you are constantly having to scoop out half the river from their innards.

Well, the pictures were pretty anyway.
And the misty clouds made for some perfectly lovely/moody colors and tones.
And on that note, I head into the weekend.

Good night, Neverland.

Cottage Girl

*photos taken with iphone 4s; edited in Instagram; collage from Dyptic Frames.  Uploaded to Flickr with Flickit.


kaley said...

wow! so pretty!!

cottage girl said...

Thanks, friend.

Tara said...

these iPhone photos are ah-mazing :)