February 16, 2012

The glue one

He can't say the blend "Bl-uh" or "Pl-uh."
That is one of my favorite things about him.
That means that he would tell me,
"No, my coat is glue (blue)"
"Will you clay (play)Wii with me?"
"I want the gluuuuberry (blueberry) lollypop"

He's smart as a whip, this one.
Spells like a first grader and he's only in 4 yr old pre-school.
He has an addiction to Wii.
Bowling especially.
He love hugs.
He's intensely inquisitive.
Watches everything around him.
He has the cutest giggle when he sees something funny.

Oh, my goodness I love this kid and his 3 siblings and parents.
And I miss them so much I think I can feel it in my bones sometimes.

Found this gem while I was going through the photos from these past few months.  I realized I haven't really posted about so much of my life during that time. Mostly because I had extremely limited computer time.  Also, I got so far behind that it felt overwhelmingly daunting to try and catch up.
But you know what, I don't care if it's out of the time line.  There are stories in these photos and I'm just going to share then anyway.  OCD timeline, be cursed.

So, this is Gavin.
In all his glory.
And I'm still so over the moon thankful that I got to spend 3 weeks with his family.

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