February 10, 2012

The forth coming week-end

I'm on the hunt for a new Mason jar for my sun tea. The lid on this one finally gave up the ghost.

Also plan on finishing up season 1 of Sherlock (there are only 3 episodes, so no, I have not been watching TV non-stop).

Plus, I have a bit of a "waiting list" craze going on here at the moment.  All three of the books that I'd had on hold at the library came in within a week.  Oops.  Now I have to read all three super quick since they will have to go back and there won't be a chance for renewal. Feels almost like college, but I actually want to read these books. I finished A Million Suns tonight.  Review to come soon.

Got to make something this weekend.  Create.  Most of my creativity has been going towards writing (yes, I know...not here so much, huh?), but I'm ready to do something else with random supplies I have laying around the house.  Paint, photos, fabric, who knows.

Lovely weekend to you all.

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