February 04, 2012

What is says about me

My Pinterest Homey-home board has apparently un-earthed my love of modern homes.  I was looking through it tonight and noticing how my style seems to have narrowed itself down.

I like clean lines.  LARGE, open windows.  The more windows.....the better.

Include also very minimalist style decor.  Whites, earth tones and lots of light.

Add some vintage in there to soften everything up and voila.  That's my style to a T.

What is your Pinterest board (or inspiration file) saying about you?
Have you noticed your style narrowing down?
That's one of my favorite things about Pinterst.
Filtering through the 1,000's of photos and being able to identify what "clicks" for me.
I'm finally getting to the point that I can put into words what I like.

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