February 11, 2012


After Brinner left-overs this morning (is it still considered "breakfast for dinner" if you are actually eating it for breakfast?), I was off.  With funds on the low side this month, I had to choose wisely.  I needed somewhere with no possibility of being lured into buying anything.  


Of course.  Now, our library is lame-o when it comes to libraries.  Nothing like the wonder of the libraries I went to in Washington State.  Those were amazing.  Ours is tiny and has really awful reading/study areas.  1980's wooden furniture awful.  But you take what you can get, right?!

While there, I picked up the next book in my "hold" list and found this article in Time magazine on introverts.  It was like someone was writing about me personally.  I was nodding my head and "mmm-hmmming" the entire time.  

There was no denying my introvertedness after taking this quiz.  I think I answered "yes" to every question but two of them.  

Then I promptly put in my headphones, content in my introverted ways and began to write.  It was a great morning for ideas and I didn't put my pen down for almost an hour and a half.  Even then I just went home to eat lunch and then write some more.

You'd be so proud of me, Poppa.  I've been writing for the last month, just like you've been begging me to.  A real story.

And since I answered "yes" to #11 on the quiz, you are all going to have to wait a little bit longer to read it.
This story is still in the very early stages.
The characters don't even have names yet.
So, want to give me some suggestions?
I like crazy, non-normal names.

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