February 15, 2012

pretty day

Now I know this may be overstating things, but I am obsessed and in love with Instagram.  
I love that it's making me want to take photos every day.  

I love that it forces me to look for light.  Pretty light. Unusual light.
And I would be remiss to state that my 4S is pretty fantastic for a cell phone camera.  

I love that I can look back a year from now and see little snapshots of my day like these.  
Pieces of my normal, every day life. 
Some days I capture something that I love (like today).
And sometimes I just capture a piece of the ordinary.  

iphone nerd talk:
  I use PhotoCal to organize my photos at the moment.  
Mostly because it's free.  
It does drive me nuts that I can't choose the photo that appears on the calendar for a particular day.
I'm sure there are better ones, but this one is working just fine for me at the moment.  

Has anyone used Photo 365?  
That was on my list to buy before I found PhotoCal for free.  
Any features you love on it?  

Also, any photo apps that you love?
What has been worth the $$?
What do you use every day?

Oh and come find me on Instagram (cottage_girl).  
We can be photo friends. 


leslie.kidd said...

Beautiful pictures...especially the last one! Sometimes I want an iPhone just to be able to use Instagram....

cottage girl said...

I was the exact same way. I wanted it more for the camera than anything else. And I'll admit, I use the camera as much, if not more than I thought I would. Hope you get one soon too!