February 29, 2012

critic of novels

I finally finished these three.  In about 3 weeks time too.  It had to be done this way because of library rental times, but I think I would have read them as quickly anyway.  

Here's the part where I pretend that I'm a book critic and people actually care what I think about books.  

A Millon Suns by Beth Revis.

This was a sequel to Across the Universe and you must read that one first.  It picks up a few months after AtU left off.  I really enjoyed the story line of these two.  It's unique in the YA genre in the fact that it doesn't have werewolves or vampires or a human falling in love with either one.  (seriously....there are way too many books with the whole supernatural premise right now.) It's about space travel and time and clones.  Right up my sci fi alley, you could say.  The story is entertaining and this second book really put into play some of the things that had been rolling around loosely in the first book.  I liked it.  I'll read #3 when it comes out next year.
That being said, these books have a terrible pacing.  The story lags in too many places.  It's almost as if all three should have been crammed together in one big book.  Too many times I was wanting to skip ahead to find out what happens because the story was just taking forever to "get there."  I love the author's ideas. I love her tone.  I just wish her editors would help her pace her ideas a little better.
All in all....I read it really fast and enjoyed it.

Tempest by Julie Cross

Ok, now this was really fun.  Time travel.  Mystery.  A dash of something like Chuck (which I miss....sniff, sniff).  It was a cool idea.  A quick read.  It kept me wanting to turn the pages.
My only gripe is that it took a while to get going.  But once I hit about 1/3 of the way in, I was hooked.  I loved the main character.  I loved the ending.  And I'm excited that there will be a sequel.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Okay.  Okay.  Now.  Luckily, this was the last one I read.  Lucky because it was the best.  It has been getting rave reviews everywhere, and I'm happy to report that they were all accurate.  It is beautifully written.  Truly.  I took my time reading this one because I wanted to soak in the words.  Reminded me of Gilead in the way that the author has such an amazing talent of just writing beautiful, thought provoking sentences.  (ps...if you have never read Gilead, do so immediately.)
It's a story of two kids with cancer.  But the best part is that it's hilarious and sweet as well as being heartbreaking. I finished it last night with a handkerchief in my hand for the last 100 pages.  I was bawling so hard at one point that I had to put the book down.  And for me, that's the sign of a truly good story.  I love it when a story makes me cry.  That's a tough emotion to pull out, you know?
So The Fault in Our Stars gets 10+ stars in my review.  I was writing down quotes and re-reading parts over and over.  It was almost physically painful to shut the book for the last time and say goodbye to Augustus and Hazel Grace.  Oh....it was just so good.

Here's where I'm placing my book mark next....

Maybe one day I'll be a grown up and read real books, but for now I'm quite content in my world of YA novel bliss.

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