February 28, 2012

salty air

It's nice to know that our family's love of the ocean/beach/sand will be carried on with these two.

We only had about 45 minutes here in December.

In the background, way in the distance, you can see the now retired space shuttle assembly building.

My grandma used to be able to see the shuttle go up from her backyard.

Gotta admit it makes me sad that that whole program is gone.

Anyway, we scooted over to the beach near her house the day we went to visit her.

These two munchkins didn't want to leave even though it was in the 50's and super windy.

Then again, neither did any of the rest of us.

That's right, dear ones...love that ocean.

And promise me that you'll take your dear old auntie when she has a hankering for the salty air.

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