February 20, 2012

How I spent President's Day....

Humming "Abraham, Abraham" from Holiday Inn.  The President's Day song of course. (wink, wink, Tara)

Thinking about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Can not wait for the movie, although I just know it will ruin the book. I fear what they will do to Henry's character, which I loved in the book.  Such a fun book, guys.  For reasls.

Swimming.  One whole hour.  In the super crowded pool.  The one near my parents house because it is now my favorite place to swim in the whole state.  The water is about 10 degrees warmer than the pool by my house.  I will drive 45 minutes to swim in water that doesn't give me hypothermia.  Yes, I will.

Spending a few hours with my Momma.  Lunch while watching Oklahoma.  Chatting.  I'm thankful that I get to the be their child that still lives close.  Very thankful. (Miss seeing you, Poppa)

Trying to get rid of a headache that I've had for 24 straight hours now.  I think it's finally gone.  Thank goodness.

Reading Tempest for a long, long time.  It finally hit that "I can't put it down" stage about half way through and I now...can't put it down.  A fun idea.  Reminds me of Chuck with time travel.

Writing.  Writing.  Writing and thinking about writing.

Using a favorite vintage scarf to cover up my pool hair because I was too lazy to wash it today.

Bible study.  We have stepped into the high tech world and are following a plan on YouVersion.  It's crazy to see everyone with their phones and ipads instead of a real book.

I hope George and Abraham would approve of my lazy/easy day celebrating them.
Happy Birthday to you both.

Cottage Girl

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