February 03, 2012

Because he turned 5 yesterday.
How is that possible?
I know I should hate that he's getting older so quickly, but honestly I love it.
We can have real conversations on the phone now.
We can have adventures in the backyard.
He can tell me what he's feeling and thinking.
And he can roll around Disney World all day like this....

Brand new spyglass purchased at the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop in hand.

Happy Birthday, Lukey.
Oh my, how I love you!



stephanie said...

he is so adorable! the time flies so fast! my lukey is going to be 7 this summer!!!!! 7! and Jack will be 10. TEN???????? I have officially become crazy and now wish I could go back and relive every single day from the beginning again. Totally nuts I know.

cottage girl said...

I can't believe it. They are still so little in my head.
I always think of your Luke when I call my Luke Lukey!