March 18, 2009


This is it. 1,000th post. I've been counting down now since post number 816 or something around there. It's finally here.

And what does one post on such a momentous occasion?
What words of wisdom or whit?
What photo or story or idea?
I don't know. I barely know what I'm going to write about 10 minutes before I sit down at the key board. It's just whatever comes out.

Well, this time, I wanted to give my readers some love. I do write because it soothes my very soul. It warms my heart. It gets the crazies out of my head. But I also write because I know you read. You may not think I know, but I do (thank you tracking system company which shall remain nameless).

So, I've pondered what, oh what, I could do to say thank you. I would love to send each of you a brown paper package tied up with string in the mail. I would love to have you all over for lemonade on the Cottage porch, so we can chat while the sun sinks on the horizon.

Since my budget and Star Trek transporter are both broken at the moment, I shall do this instead......

I'll choose one winner (at random) to receive a $25 gift card from Amazon. You can choose whatever makes you happy. Things like....

Season 1 of a TV show like Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, 24

Jeremy Larson's Salvation Club

Irresistible Revolution

A Sigg

or maybe a children's book like this one I got for my nephew

or a can't-put-it-down-book like The Hunger Games

Oh, wait...those things make ME happy. For you, it may be different, or they COULD make you happy too. You just don't know it yet. Hmmm....
The options are endless. Or at least $25 worth of endless.


To get in on the fun, leave your name and your answer (one entry per person, please!) to the following question in the comments section...

"If the cost didn't matter, I would _____________."

My answer would be, let see.....

- go and spend a month in China loving orphans
- meet Katie and spend a month with her in Uganda and hug little Florence.
- go to a Shootshop
- take off work for a year to travel just for fun

Can't wait to hear yours! Entries must be received by 9pm EST on Sunday. Winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks, my dear readers! I can't say enough how very thankful I am for each of you. Here's to the next 1,000 posts!


Jessica said...


1,000. wow! Congratulations! Hmmmn, I wonder what number I began reading at...

If money didn't matter I would"

Spend the rest of my life volunteering and travel :)


ashleyrwatts said...

Haha, wowzers! Congrats

Let's see...

If cost didn't matter I would:

- take my dad (who has never really left our town) and boyfriend with me across country...taking photos of EVERYTHING

- finish school once and for all

- add my own craft room with lots of windows for sunlight to make me happy.

- I agree with you...I would definitely spend time with orphans. :)

- and finally, get my future in order financially.

Caleb's Mom said...

Congrats on the 1.000 posts! It was great to see you guys the other day (random!)

If cost didn't matter, I would...

* Quit my current job to take on the most beautiful and fulfilling job I could ever want...a full-time mom!

* Take a trip traveling through Europe and spend lots of time in Prague and Austria.

* Add onto my house so that we would have enough room to foster children. One day...

* Eat at the Melting Pot...a lot!

* Buy Christmas gifts for all of the low-income families in our school who just can't seem to make ends meet.

* Buy a mountain house in Pennsylvania that has amazing sunsets and lots of fresh air.

* Spend a good chunk of my time volunteering for Relay for Life/American Cancer Society. They are near and dear to my heart.

Audrey said...

Way to Go on your 1000th post! Good job! And I think I've read them all. :)

If cost did not matter I would buy 3 camper traliers take my family, my sisters family and our parents on a cross country "Homeschooling" adventure for the next few years.

I could afford to buy all the wonderful curriculum that I wanted to homeschool my girls.

I would adopt.

I wold take time to write a book.

I would fly all my best friends to an beautiful location and spend a week relaxing near the water with no kids or husbands. Then I would fly them all with their husbands for a week of relaxation with no kids near some beautiful water. ;)

stephanie said...

i would live in hawaii/alaska depending upon the season.

once my children were grown- volunteer in a 3rd world country.

Katie's Story said...

YAY for 1,000 posts! I don't think I'll ever reach that. You're amazing!

Let's see... If the cost didn't matter, I would
* travel the world
* adopt several children from all over
* make our new house perfect right now instead of little by little
* support people who need money (like missionaries, single moms, etc.)
* and finally I would buy a private island in HA and invite all our friends and family there every year. How fun would that be?

It was so nice to see you this week. I was so sad to leave this time. I miss living closer to you!

Chedder Fish said...

Wow! That's awesome- Way to go on 1000 posts!

If the cost didn't matter, I would switch to my dream job of being an archaeologist/full time ghost hunter and move to New England

OR Support Etsy more by opening a shop I could rotate newer artists in and have a computer cafe so people could shop on Etsy more!

Anonymous said...

Wow Apey- you must be RICH$$$$! :)
I too, have probably read all 1000.
way to go me! :)

If cost didn't matter, I would....
- Take my little family and travel the WHOLE wide world and be adventurous and eat ice cream before dinner almost every night.
- I would take any orphan that I ever met home with me and they would be loved and set for life (cuz cost doesn't matter, right???)
- I would buy Hawaii
- I would take a photography class because I think I would like it if I had the time to care....
- I would shop at Whole Foods.
- And I would buy Neal a puppy that he couldn't resist. :)

Love you apes!