March 31, 2009

busy yet again

My life is so busy lately. How do I forget every year how my own personal time seems to disappear during the months of March - August? I do. Every year it takes me by surprise.

So now that I'm so busy, I have less time to sit down and write a post or do some crafts (my online class...oh, I'm so far behind!). Not that I HAVE to post. I just miss it. I miss writing. And I don't want to forget what was going on in my life for 6 months just because I was busy, you know?

So, I'll squeak in a post or two when I can and ask that you forgive my busy-ness. It's not that I don't want to, trust me. You may just be forced to read bullet points instead of long sentences.


  • You have no idea how truly excited I was to read this morning that Friday Night Lights was picked up for 2, let me say that again, 2 more seasons!!! Oh, happy day. I would love to explain this photo to you, but then it would ruin its magic.
  • I got 2 packages in the mail the last 2 days. One was full of Buffy comics from my super cool camp friend. I've never been into comics until Joss decided to do a season 8 of Buffy only through comics. I'm totally hooked. Thanks, K!
  • The second package was something that I broke down and bought and am so happy I did. It's beautiful.
  • I'm reading Nehemiah at the moment. Chapters 1 and 2 are completely shaking me up at the moment. His prayers and faith are so, so...what I need to have.
  • I found this today. Some photographers, that I think are so very talented, took a trip to Rwanda to take photos. Her post. His post. This is literally a dream of mine. Not necessarily Africa, but any orphanage that needs photos of their kids. China, Uganda, Ethiopia. I think about this all the time. It's one reason I really want to get better at taking photos.
  • My mom and dad came tonight and dropped off this. And they brought me a handful of daffodils. How sweet! Thanks, guys.
  • My brother leaves in less than 2 weeks. I am pretending it's not going to happen.
  • Thursday night is ER night! 3 whole hours. I'm already getting my handkerchiefs ready. Last week was another great episode too. I am dreading saying goodbye to Archie Morris. Seriously.

Gotta, run.

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