March 03, 2009

50 happies

  1. when my pastor calls us "dear ones" during his message.
  2. walking through puddles in my rain boots.
  3. "window shopping" on Etsy
  4. my Dell keyboard's quiet clicks when I type.
  5. getting lost in Harry Potter world with my Zune and JVC noise canceling earbuds.
  6. finding a new post on Katie's blog.
  7. playing with felt.
  8. the sound of the shutter on my camera.
  9. bedside windows. perfect for snowy field viewage.
  10. Neverfood.
  11. 1930's ladies hats.
  12. Fotoclips full of my own images.
  13. birds chirping outside the window.
  14. icicles
  15. the new car smell in my car (even though it's 2 years old)
  16. seeing, talking, laughing, being with old friends
  17. Jesus (on so many different levels)
  18. Sigg bottles full of cold water
  19. avacados on my sandwich
  20. orphans finding forever homes
  21. comments on my Flickr photos
  22. white decor and walls
  23. Early Grey tea with honey in my favorite tea cup complete with saucer
  24. tree limbs covered in snow
  25. my niece and nephew's faces
  26. hugs from my mom and dad
  27. stars
  28. TV converter coupons
  29. red Netflix envelopes in the mail stack
  30. letters from Teresia
  31. vintage fabric
  32. watching the Buffy musical (and the rest of season 6) while crafting
  33. warm slippers
  34. a photo from my trip to Alaska as my computer desktop background
  35. Whole Foods shopping bags
  36. "The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's" and "Aunt Olivia's Beau" in Chronicles of Avonlea
  37. little Florence in Uganda
  38. naps
  39. craft class blog posts and chats
  40. answering camp questions for excited parents on the phone
  41. "All Along the Watchtower" Starbuck style
  42. thermal unders
  43. hair cuts
  44. fabric scissors slicing through felt and fabric
  45. learning to draw
  46. woodgrain contact paper used in unusual ways
  47. silhouettes
  48. hearing God give me definite answers to specific questions
  49. intelligent keys
  50. bandannas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you make me happy:) hope you are well...